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A New Democratic System for a New Liberia

Liberian politicians are not bad people but our system of representative democracy is flawed, deadly, corrupt and broken beyond redemption! Liberia needs to reject the 170 year old representative democracy and citizens must design a new system of participatory democratic governance.

NGO Accreditation and Certification for Self-Reliance and Diversity

UHRI is publishing its minimum standards and code of conduct for the purpose of certification and accreditation of all non-profit secular and religious organizations serving refugees and the poor with the goal of setting up an accreditation system in order to eradicate systemic racism, discrimination and dehumanizing of human beings exiled from normal life by wars, oppression, poverty and persecution. 

Demand for Executive Order Granting Visa Waiver for Liberian Diaspora

In order to have national reconciliation and help heal the wounds of war, President Sirleaf who personally helped to finance the Liberian Civil War must take the first step in helping families heal by issuance of an Executive Order, waiving visa requirements for the Liberian Diaspora forced into exile by the Military Coup of 1980 and the ensuing civil war.


Citizens Independence Movement (CIM)